Night Below

Session 25

Day 64-65

In order to help quell suspicions about the mysterious children, Bari cast a Detect Magic spell to see if perhaps there was anything magically odd about the children. it was then that Pieter, an earlier ally, rejoined the party. As Bari cast, the children turned into Ogres and a melee ensued. The Ogres were subdued with magic and finished off with melee damage. The Ogres indeed wore magical pendants which were not identifiable at present, but were suspected of providing the glamer.

The party looted the Ogre corpses, then checked the fallen giant and his crocodile minion, as well as their lair. The party agreed to rest for the night on the now unoccupied island where the giant had made his camp. The party was awoken in the last watch by a marauding Manticore which assaulted the party with spikes which it flung from its tail. The Manticore evaded most attempts to hinder its flight, save once plunging into the swamp out of the reach of the party. It was eventually brought down by Bailey’s acid breath and finished off by Pieter. The party finished the night without further disturbance.

After their fill of fresh crocodile meat, the party agreed to press the search one more day in the direction the “children” had been attempting to herd the party in. The party soon found a small, dark island in the swamp, full of tall trees. Taron and his barbarian companion agreed to scout the island and report back to the party. They came back with a large plant creature following, and its minions attacking. The party made quick work of the minions, then fought the huge-sized plant creature. The plant used some sort of spores on one of Lirendel’s summoned creatures and took control of its mind. The plant attempted similar attacks on the party, but with no luck. The party eventually slew the giant plant creature and plundered its loot.

The party continued the search further and found a small cave opening ahead. The party went in together, finding a kitchen of sorts with human bodies strung up from the ceiling, and body parts butchered for upcoming meals. There was no living creature in this section of the cave, so the party pressed inward. Further down the tunnel, the party found a huge purple beast with five heads, which also saw them and roared as it charged.



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