Night Below

Tenth Session

The party followed the directions of the recently freed prisoner to the Gnoll camp to attempt to free the other prisoners. The camp was large, but the Gnolls were sleeping during the daytime and the party was able to catch them unaware. Never-the-less, it turned into a long battle. The party had hoped that the prisoners, once given an opportunity to escape, would help fight. The prisoners proved to be cowards, and did not exit their cell when given opportunity, perhaps due to the fact that the battle seemed to be going poorly for their rescuers.

Pytherion was once again gravely wounded. The party had split, making them rather vulnerable, and Gemini also took a wound that incapacitated him. Jianna and Damaris managed to free a captive bear that wreaked havoc amongst the Gnolls, slaying 2 or 3 before he fell. The party narrowly triumphed at the end, but the Cleric, Gemini Dangerfoot, lay at the brink of death.



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