Character Creation Guidelines

Here are the character creation guidelines for the Night Below campaign:

  • If you want to roll your own stats, you must do so at the table. Otherwise, you may use the 25-point buy method or ask me to roll stats for you. I will give you two sets, and you can pick whichever one you like. If you don’t like either set of stats, you can still use the 25-point method.
    Start at first-level.

  • Acceptable texts limited to: PHB, PHB2, Spell Compendium, all Complete books and all Races books.

  • If there’s a variant from Unearthed Arcana you want to use, just ask. It’s probably OK.

  • Standard D&D pantheon.

  • Non-evil alignment.

  • No races that require a level adjustment.

  • Maximum hit points at first level. All hit points after that will be rolled at the table.

  • You must always leave a current copy of your character with me so you can be NPCed in your absence.

Character Creation Guidelines

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