Night Below

Sessions 30-31

Days 87-89

The party rested for the night to recover from the first Grell encounter. A Salt Mummy burst out from the rock of the cavern wall as the party slept. The crew on watch awoke the party and the Mummy was dealt with swiftly. The next day, the party went further into the Grell area and battled four Grell with minimal difficulty. Anghara cleared a fighting area in the razor rock with Soften Earth and Stone, and brought the party’s melee up to the Grell with a Dark Way. Lirindel’s use of summoned creatures also swiftly overcame the many flying aberrations.

Being low on spells, the party wandered back to a cul-de-sac in the cavern to camp, and were assaulted late in the evening by 6 more Grell lead by a spell-casting Grell that Pietr identified as Grell Philosopher. The initial assault left Suji dying on the cave floor. Bari awoke the party and the combat ensued. Lirindel was also gravely wounded, but the party survived the ambush, destroying all six Grell. One Grell that swooped in low to engage the party was felled by Herger’s axes.



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