Night Below

Session 27-28

Days 68-83

The party arrived back in Millborne from Thurmaster once again, picking up supplies and returning to the caverns beneath the Garlstone Mines to meet the Gnomes as promised. The Gnomish priestess asked the party to do a deed for the Gnomes in order to prove themselves as allies to be trusted. It seemed a tribe of reptilian humanoids had been harassing the Gnomes for some time, kidnapping and killing their people, and asked the party to eliminate the threat. The party agreed and set off.

After approximately nine days, the party arrived at a foul smelling area in the caverns and were greeted violently by a group of Lizardmen. The party slew an advance group which were then reinforced by a second stronger group including a shaman. Lirindel webbed the bulk of the force as the rest of the party picked off individual fighters, whittling the Lizardmen tribe down before finishing them off, with the shaman proving strong, but not strong enough. The party claimed the Lizardman loot, finding some Gnomish bones and relics among them, which they decided to return to the priestess as a gesture of good faith.

The party made their way back, arriving at a fork in the road on day 78 where they were greeted by five gnomish scouts who escorted the party to the priestess. On day 82, the party encountered two Rust Monsters, and slew them quickly, meeting no other resistance on the return trip. The party rendezvoused with the Gnomish priestess on day 83, and were thanked by the priestess for both slaying the Lizardmen and returning the bones and relics.

The priestess showed the party an illusory wall that covered a direct route to the City of Glass Pools where the Illithid are purported to reside. The party was unable to see past the illusion which was supposed to be very powerful. The priestess told the party that they stand guard to fight anything that comes through, but that the party would have to take a longer route through the caverns. The party was given a map, and explained what creatures lived in several parts of the dungeon, as well as which areas to avoid. The party agreed to set out down a tunnel where some Grell were supposed to be lurking, in order to clear them out to make safe passage toward their goal.



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