Night Below

Session 26

Day 65-67

Lirindel the Wizard quickly webbed the the multi-headed monster, subduing it momentarily while the rest of the party positioned themselves for combat. After quick buffs, Lirindel dispelled his web and the party charged in. The beast was felled quickly, and the party debated camping for the remainder of the day to recuperate spells which were dwindling.

Another tunnel was spotted in back of this cavern, and some of the party members took a quick look down the tunnel to make sure they would not be ambushed while resting. Two Ogres were spotted in back of the cave, and the patrol returned to inform the rest of the party of the nearby threat.

The party agreed that they should attack the rest of the Ogres. As the party entered the chamber where the Ogres were, another beast was seen among them, a Rune Hound. Suji charged the Hound and slew it in a single mighty strike. Then what appeared to be an old woman arrived to join the Ogres. Pieter identified it as a Green Hag. The party engaged in melee and spell combat and overcame the remaining Ogres first, with the Hag proving slightly more difficult despite being immobilized, but being slain soon after. The party explored the chamber, finding a small staircase on a back wall which lead to a sleeping chamber where the Hag stored her possessions, including some magical items.

The party collected the loot, then rested for the remainder of the day. They set out the next morning to return to Thurmaster. Upon returning, they related the events to Lord Parlifrey as well as Tauster, believing the recent Giant incursions to be ended, and warning of the possibility of more events due to remaining Hags still at-large. The party prepared to return to Millborne to pick up their supplies before venturing once more into the Underdark.



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