Night Below

Session 24

Day 59-64

The party, minus Suji, prepared for travel to Thurmaster and found two new adventurers, Taron (a Half-Elf rogue) and Herger (a human Barbarian from the hills to the north) in town. The party agreed to take them on for the trip to Thurmaster to investigate the giant sightings. The next day, the party set out eastward and was joined by Suji who had finished his ritual. They headed along the river to Kuiper’s farm and relayed some of the new information to Kuiper. They also asked Kuiper if he had any information about the Underdark or Illithid, but he did not. They continued journeying without incident to Thurmaster.

The party was greeted heartily upon arrival, and were met with pleas to resolve the giant issue. The party first went to Tauster to exchange information and inquire about a spell for Lirindel. After the brief meeting, the party investigated the site of the giant attack, finding only ruins and large footprints going toward the Shrieken Mire. The party was also warned that Lizardfolk lived out that way. They set out immediately into the Shrieken Mire, slowed by boggy terrain.

The party went the first day without incident. The second evening, the party camp was attacked by two harpies who split the party with enchanting music of some sort. They slew one harpy quickly, but the other proved luckier and it flew off into the darkening evening.

On the third day, the party found two children who claimed they had escaped the giants, but that their brother was still captive. The party found the place where one giant was camping with an extremely large pet alligator. The party used some illusions to hide and lure the giant and alligator out and towards them, rather than attempt to approach or fight in the water terrain. Some serious injuries were taken, but the party managed to overcome the large foes with magic to debilitate them, and melee to hew them down.

The children claimed that their brother was still missing, and must be in a nearby cave. Something tipped off Taron that the children were being dishonest in some way, which he relayed to the party. Upon closer examination, some other party members felt he may be correct, but the party remained divided at present.



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