Night Below

Session 22

Day 58

The party had recruited two new members in town, a bard named Blaine and a barbarian named Viko, and restocked before returning to the cave. The large double doors before them seemed well maintained, and held large locks. The large gilded keys the party had acquired in the past seemed to fit well, and opened the doors with a loud click. Immediately, a cry went up on the other side as Orcs rushed to defend the door.

Seven burly Orcs and some sort of lizard humanoid attacked. The lizard was provoked by the Orcs using some sort of pepper-based salve that was rubbed on its tail. Viko discovered that it was highly irritant and seemed entirely mundane. The party dispatched the Orcs fairly quickly, and only Viko sustained serious wounds, which Anghara and Bari healed. The party found little of interest in this entrance area.

The party ran into a patrol of Orcs further in, down a tunnel that ended in a small cave serving as barracks. One was particularly large, apparently having some Ogre blood. Anghara slew the largest Orc single-handedly after the Orc had targeted her. The rest of the party hewed down the remainder of the assault. It was noted afterwards that the largest Orc also had the peculiar fishy aroma of the potions, and those who imbibed them. In this cave also were two prisoners, a Human and a Dwarf. The Human was particularly frightened and beyond usefulness. The Dwarf still had his wits about him, and identified himself as Snagger, nephew of Old Grizzler.

Snagger claimed to have seen Jeleneth come through some weeks earlier, and said they had been planning an escape when Jeleneth was taken off and not to be seen again. Snagger wanted to get his armor and gear back before leaving, and decided to camp in the first area the party had cleared. The Human was too weak and frightened to go back to town alone, so he waited with Snagger. The party agreed to try to find Snagger’s gear as they searched the rest of the tunnels.

The party found one more cave full of Orc women and children, and were warned not to enter. The party bantered briefly with the Orc woman, and agreed to leave them be if they would not attack the party or otherwise cause hindrance. The party pressed on to the last unexplored area in this section. It seemed like there would be some resistance ahead.



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