Night Below

Session 20-21

Day 55-57

The party encountered two humans in the cave and a fight ensued. They had been part of the group from the original encounter that claimed 3 party members’ lives. The two human brigands were reinforced by two armored Orcs that came in from the rear. No sooner the party slew these four, then two human clerics controlling seven zombies attacked. The party made fast work of the zombies as the clerics were forced to counter a silence spell, momentarily incapacitating them. The party then moved in to finish off the clerics who proved more resilient than any of the other encounters. In their loot was found another large gilded key, and also a ring with the letter “J” engraved.

The party ventured further into the next cavern off of the main tunnel., and found a cabin full of supplies like rope, oil, and rations. There was also a small lake inside, and an object was seen glinting like metal near the back of the cave where the water and cave wall met. It turned out to be a small, severed Halfling hand wearing a ring, and was guarded by a giant eel in the lake. The party had a tough fight in the eel, but eventually overcame it.

The party went back to the main hall and found a second cabin that stunk of what was most likely Orc occupancy. No one was in it. The party proceeded to the next cave called “The Dome” where a body was seen floating in the distance. Suji attempted to swim out to retrieve the body and was assaulted by two giant catfish. The party attempted to pull him back to shore as Suji attempted only to defend himself. Eventually the party overcame the catfish, almost costing lives in the fight. The party left the corpse afloat for the time being.

The party went to one of the last caverns, called “The Crab Petals” and were met by two cave fishers who proved very adept combatants with their sticky tendrils, and fighting from the ceiling. The party eventually slew them as Geoffrey pelted them with crossbow bolts and Bailey spewed acid on them.

The final cavern contained another small cabin with some loot, two more of the strange fishy-smelling evil potions, and a curious miniature ceramic hut. There was also a small tunnel in the back of the cave which lead into darkness. The party voted to go back to town to secure the loot and report findings. Suji got an idea to summon a Hippogriff to retrieve the corpse from the lake, and did so successfully. The corpse seemed to have been someone murdered by the brigands and dumped in the lake as Anghara noted the fatal crossbow wound in the heart and the presence of a deadly disease on the body. Also a seemingly magical brooch was found on the body.

The party returned to Millborne and reported its findings to Lord Darius Carmen. The ring with the “J” engraved and also a cloak the party found turned out to belong to Jeleneth, the first known arcane kidnapping victim. The family expressed their gratitude and urged the party to continue searching in the caves as soon as possible. Also the missing priest had not been found.

The party said farewell to Geoffrey and Pieter who had been recalled by their order, but managed to recruit a bard and a fighting man in town. The party rested and returned to the last cave where they had found a small exit tunnel. The tunnel seemed to wind on forever, then finally let out at a large set of double doors with giant keyholes which looked appropriate for the over-sized gilded keys the party had discovered.

The party opened the doors . . .



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