Night Below

Session 20

Day 54-55

Anghara and Pietr arrived back in the town of Millborne and recovered from their wounds the next day. The following day, they met more adventurers who had come in via merchant barge, including a Gnome Dragon Shaman riding a dog, a mysterious spell caster named Bari, a Crusader named Geoffrey, and a Half-Orc Druid named Suji.

After introductions were made, and the newest members brought up to speed on the recent events, the party rested then set out the next day to return to the Garlstone Mines. The entrance was clear and the party proceeded in. The party made it about half way to the first ambush area when they encountered 7 zombies, with the slain party members among them. The party quickly dealt with the zombies and proceeded to the first ambush point, but no one was there. Suji and Anghara scouted ahead and encountered 2 Orcs standing guard to the entrance to the lower levels. Anghara charged toward the Orcs and Suji followed thinking to attempt to parlay when a winged creature dropped with a strong blow and grappled Suji.

The rest of the party reached the scouts and the melee ensued. A Half-Orc rogue crept out of the shadows and joined the Orcs. This fight was much harder than the zombies, and Suji was seriously wounded, but the party prevailed and everyone healed.

The party descended a 40 ft ladder to the lower levels. A voice was heard far off down the main tunnel, hinting to a trap being laid. The party decided after some debate to check a side cavern first. The party split in two, with Pietr and Suji both in wolf-form, and Suji’s companion stalking in the shadows while the remainder of the party marched straight in bearing a lantern to call out the hidden foes. Bari sent a magical glowing figure ahead, and some startled response was heard off in the shadows. The party braced for a fight.



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